Escape From Barbados

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Escape From Barbados by William P. Sexton

Between 1652 and 1659, over 50,000 Irish men, women, and children were transported to Barbados and Virginia by England’s Oliver Cromwell, and as of now there is no account of anyone escaping. Sean Tierney was one of the transportees who were sent to Barbados. He was taken in chains in the middle of the night from his wife and children. It took him over 35 years to return to Ireland.
This is Sean’s story, about his many adventures and difficulties that he went through to return home to his wife and children. During this time he fell in love with an African Princess that he met on Barbados when he was a slave. The story is also about his multiracial son and grandson who journey with him on his adventure. In his travels he meets many historical figures. Among them are famous pirates, priests, and slaves from Africa and he fought alongside these characters throughout the book. This is a struggle of pure determination and courage by one man to endure against overwhelming odds in his quest to return to his homeland.

ISBN: 978-0-9701310-2-7 Price: $12.99

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